Face lift

17 August 2006 23:59

Gave the page a face lift. I figured it was about time, it was a few years since it's appearance was updated.

Hopefully it works OK in IE and Opera. I've only tested it in Firefox.

Finally something to upload...

3 January 2006 13:55

I've created a map and a small map creation utility script for KGeography. Get it in the misc section.

Happy new year to all of you.

Mandatory annual update

15 November 2005 07:40

Just thought I'd post something, it's been a year already. Not sure what to write, haven't really done any programming in the last year. I've got a few ideas, perhaps I'll pick it up one day...

I'm still here...

15 November 2004 02:10

...but I don't have much time over for programming these days. I spent the summer working and now I'm studying electrical engineering at Chalmers University of Technology here in Göteborg.
   Anyway, I just wrote a small script that extracts the CRC32 checksums from the file names of anime releases and creates a SFV file. Perhaps someone else might find it useful. Get it in the misc section.

Release: DynAmp 0.51

28 April 2004 12:04

A new version of DynAmp. New stuff:

   Support for Foobar 2000 version 0.8 and up.
   All setting names now start with 'DynAmp'.

Get it in the Litestep section.