Mandatory annual update

15 November 2005 07:40

Just thought I'd post something, it's been a year already. Not sure what to write, haven't really done any programming in the last year. I've got a few ideas, perhaps I'll pick it up one day...

I'm still here...

15 November 2004 02:10

...but I don't have much time over for programming these days. I spent the summer working and now I'm studying electrical engineering at Chalmers University of Technology here in Göteborg.
   Anyway, I just wrote a small script that extracts the CRC32 checksums from the file names of anime releases and creates a SFV file. Perhaps someone else might find it useful. Get it in the misc section.

Release: DynAmp 0.51

28 April 2004 12:04

A new version of DynAmp. New stuff:

   Support for Foobar 2000 version 0.8 and up.
   All setting names now start with 'DynAmp'.

Get it in the Litestep section.

Relese: One 0.7

28 April 2004 01:03

A new version of One. New stuff:

   Added support for wildcards in window searching.
   All windows can now optionally be searched, default is still to only search through only top level windows.

Get it in the Litestep section.

Update to Tasks

16 April 2004 23:51

I've updated jugg's tasks to version 0.96.1. The new stuff are:

   Fixed problem with tasks only finding top level windows to dock to.
   Wrap commands are now executed on startup.

Get it in the Litestep section.