Litestep is a shell replacement program for Win9x/Me/NT/2k/XP. It let you customize almost all parts of the Windows interface. For more info check out Shellfront or

I have written a few modules:
Beep - beeps your speaker
Connected - execute commands when your internet connection connects and/or disconnects
IconDesk - Explorer style desktop
Kidnap - Boss your windows around
Message - execute commands depending on the selected button in a message box
Mouse - emulate your mouse through bangs
One - execute a command if a specified window isn't found
Random - to execute random commands
SciScript - a scripting module
Timer - execute commands with a time delay
TrayIcon - add icons to the systray

Modules I've modifed/updated/fixed somehow:
Tasks - once the de facto standard in task management
LiteRunner - execute commands on start/stop of programs
Popup2 - the standard popup menu module
Label - the wonderful label module with a little addition
ckVWM - a patched version of ckVWM
LiteMAN - a tiny update to disable warning messages
DynAmp - remote control your music player

Discontinued/resting modules:
dun.dll - get your modem icons back in Win2k!
radio.dll - to control my radiocard

Litestep builds:
2002-04-26 (238 kb) (source) - Added support for mathematical expressions in GetRCInt and GetRCCoordinate
2002-04-26 #2 (233 kb) (source) - Added right-click popup menu to the !bang list
2002-04-28 (233 kb) (source) - Moved math evaluation to VarExpansion

I've also created a few themes. You can find them here.