US keyboard layout for Swedes

This is a keyboard layout file for Swedish people who (like me) are tired of the worthless positions of [], {} and other characters often used in programming.

The solution I first had was to constantly switch between Swedish and US layouts, but that's IMO not a very nice solution. This layout is basically a standard US layout with support for ÅÄÖ. It also supports Ž and ` in the same way as a Swedish keyboard.

Differences from a standard US keyboard

AltGr (the right Alt key) is used to write non-standard characters.
The following keys are remapped when AltGr is pressed:

a -> å, A -> Å
e -> ä, E -> Ä
o -> ö, O -> Ö
p -> œ, P -> Œ
l -> ø, L -> Ø
s -> æ, S -> Æ
r -> ®
c -> ©
m -> µ
1 -> ¡
3 -> £
4 -> ¢
5 -> €
6 -> ¥
0 -> °
= -> ±, + -> ¬
[ -> «
] -> »
/ -> ¿

The <> key (positioned between the left shift and Z on Swedish keyboards) is used as the accent key (placed next to the backspace key on Swedish keyboards). The following accents can be produced (normal, shift, altgr, shift+altgr): á, à, ä, â.

The Windows version of this layout was created using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator.


us-se.xmodmap (1 kB) (linux)
KLC file (3 kB) (win)
Installer (36 kB) (win)


Unpack us-se.xmodmap using 'bzip2 -d us-se.xmodmap.bz2', apply it using 'xmodmap us-se.xmodmap'.


I make no claims on this software and take no responsibility for it, whatsoever. If you modify it in anyway, it'd be nice if you notify me.