This is by far the longest running project of mine. It all started back in the early spring of 1999 with a simple ID3 reader. Ever since that this component have evolved to a ID3v1.1 reader/writer, ID3v2 reader (almost full support) and a MPEG info extractor (bitrate, frequency, playlength and such things). There are two versions avialible, 2.6 and 3.0 beta 2. The main difference is that 3.0 supports ID3v2 tags. It is still, after over a year, in beta stage since I haven't given myself time to finish it yet. Beta doesn't mean "buggy and crashing a lot", but rather that I haven't implemented the ID3v2 standard to it's full extent.


EzyID3 2.6.1 (19 kb) - The latest version without ID3v2 support.

EzyID3 3.0 beta 2 (263 kb) - Supports most of the ID3v2 standard. Includes VB5 and VB6 compiled binaries and a demo project.